Here at Turning Point, we are all about making your time to workout as efficient as possible. Our HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) classes and other small group classes do just that.

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

A HIIT class is defined as an all out burst of exercise followed by a short active recovery periods at different intervals. The exercises and equipment we use change class to class. We hit(pardon the pun) all the major muscle groups while revving up your endurance. It is a great format for burning calories in the 24 hours post HIIT workout. This is due to the increase in post exercise metabolism, which basically means, you burn calories long after your HIIT workout. These classes are great for ALL levels, view the full schedule here.

Forever Young

If you want to bend down to hug the grandkids without having to worry about hurting your back……..stay steady on your feet to counter any fears of falling…….and be strong enough to lug groceries into the house, garden, hike and whatever else you want/need to do….THIS IS THE CLASS FOR YOU.

See our schedule for Forever Young

Dumbbell Body Sculpt

Who doesn’t want to be more toned?  We will utilize dumbbells throughout each workout.  Working the upper and lower body, your muscles will be fatigued and it won’t be long before you start seeing the results from these workouts.  There is no better feeling than that of feeling powerful and strong.  All levels welcome

See our schedule for Dumbbell Body Sculpt

Total Body Conditioning

This fun, high intensity workout focuses on building both cardio endurance as well as  overall improved body strength.  Each class format is different to keep things exciting but will always include a full body workout. We utilize various equipment from kettlebells, dumbbells or simply our body weight to build that strength.  All levels are welcome.

See our schedule for Total Body Conditioning

Bridal Boot Camp

Bridal Boot Camp classes are a fun way to get you and your whole bridal party toned for the big day. Who doesn’t want to look their best on the BIG day? Contact Melissa for more information on Bridal Boot Camps.