Ultimate and Attainable Goals

September 20, 2018

Written by: Melissa Mantzoukas I am a big fan of setting goals for myself and others.  It is a great way to work towards something, it keeps you motivated & focused.  I hear clients talking about all kinds of goals, including weight loss, performance, professional goals as well as family goals.  I think of these as “Ultimate Goals”. Think of a pyramid and the ultimate goal is at the top of the pyramid. One needs to go up the pyramid and put the work in to reach the top, right?  Well, all that work to get to the top represents the short term “Attainable Goals” Here is an example of what I mean. Say you are going to do a triathlon in June, that is your ultimate goal.    Now what?  You don’t just show up and do a triathlon. You need to put the time and effort in to reach that goal.  I think this is where people crumble in reaching their ultimate goals. They just focus on the “Ultimate Goal”, not preparing themselves to climb that pyramid to the top to reach that goal.  This leads to feelings of guilt, followed by feeling overwhelmed and discouraged. You ultimately...

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Client Profile: Doug Levin

June 15, 2018

I am excited to introduce Doug Levin as part of our ongoing Client Profile series.   Seen above with his lovely wife Abby, Doug has been working out with us consistentley for 6-8 months now, and by the way, is totally crushing it. He committed to it and is in 3-5 times per week between our Indoor Cycle and Small Group Fitness classes.  Read on for his fitness story and why he chose Turning Point to reach his goals. Tell us briefly about yourself.  I am a consultant for local food and beverage companies.  My wife and I have 2 children. What got you back to working out and how did you settle into Turning Point? I have been running for years.  My wife convinced me to try Turning Point because she felt that running alone was not ideal for my overall fitness. Since I have been cycling and doing HIIT classes at Turning Point I believe I have become a better runner, with less aches and pains in my joints.  Overall, I feel better than I ever have. What, if any, fitness goals have you set for yourself and how can Turning Point help you reach those goals?  My...

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Client Profile: Alyson & Jen

February 26, 2018

I have been training Alyson and Jen for about 6 months at this point and am so proud to feature them in this ongoing Client Profile series.  Though they mumble  their “love” for me under their breath, they crush it every single week, no excuses.  Read on for their story. Tell us a bit about yourselves…  Alyson, ” I am a 45 year old reformed couch potato, who is a singe mom to my pup Marlo.  I love Bon Jovi, Disney World and half marathons.  Jen– describes herself as a working wife and mother who takes little time for herself.  She has been married to her supportive husband for 14 years  and together they have a 9 year old son and a “wild 3 year old daughter.”   What role has fitness played in your life thus far?    Alyson- states that fitness played no part in her life until about 4 years ago, when she attended her first 5k training class.  Becoming active changed her life.  “I no longer spend my weekends napping and avoiding life.  I now get out there with family and friends & have fun.  I don’t remember the last time I took a nap.”  Jen- “I...

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Client Profile: Meet Judy

December 29, 2017

Our next Client Profile Series is here!  This is where we will highlight different clients throughout the year and learn a bit about them and their fitness journey.    Judy meet everyone, everyone meet Judy! Judy tell us a bit about yourself and your life here in Maine. I moved to Maine from Massachusetts about 38 years ago when I got married.  I live in Scarborough with my husband, who is an orthopedic surgeon and we have 2 adult children.  I am a registered nurse and between occasionally working at my husbands office and being the President of The Friends of MMC auxiliary ,  I have a busy schedule. You are in phenomenal shape, what role does fitness play in your life & looking forward, what goals do you have for yourself? Fitness plays an important role in my life and has for the past 15 years or so.  It is important for me to maintain my well being as I “mature”.  It is beneficial for me both mentally and physically.  I want to continue my fitness regimen so I can stay strong and remain healthy.  I plan to participate in a bicycle trip through Italy next June, this...

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Boutique Fitness Studios VS. Traditional Gyms

December 4, 2017

written by: Melissa McAllister The popularity and concept of boutique  fitness studios is growing by leaps and bounds.  I think clients are looking for a more personalized experience.  One that will lead them towards reaching their fitness goals in a very safe and guided way instead of just swiping their membership card and being sent into the abyss of machines, foreign equipment and the occasional meathead or two. Here are the benefits of a boutique fitness studio that a big traditional gym just can’t provide. The boutique studio is more intimate.  Who wouldn’t want to be greeted by their first name and a smile?   I have been known to call clients if I haven’t seen them in awhile, just to make sure everything is OK.  The instructors care not only about your fitness progress but your kids wedding that is coming up or your aging parent. Individual attention is the name of the game .   You really get a sense of who your clients are and how to guide them each in the right fitness direction based on ability, injury etc.  Instructors can really drive home proper form and safety.  No one size fits all approach to...

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October 14, 2017

Meet Lori and Kathryn.  They are kicking off our Client Profile Series that will highlight different clients throughout the year.  Here we can all learn a bit about them and what got them started here at Turning Point Cycle & Fitness Studio.  We chose these two ladies because they are friends and started here together and continue to keep eachother accountable week after week.  Oh, and did we mention, they are CRUSHING IT!!   Tell us a bit about yourselves.   -Kathryn works full time at Sweetser, owns 12 rental properties that occupy much of her down time.  She also has an aging parent that she tends to.  All of this “used to leave me exhausted by the end of the day.” -Lori is a 52 year old mother of 2 grown children, she  works part time in accounting/bookkeeping.  She enjoys spending time with her family and friends as well as traveling.   What got you guys started back on the path of finding your own fitness?   -Kathryn, “Lori wanted me to take a indoor cycle class with her, I agreed.  I do better when someone motivates me.” -Lori, “Getting Fat!  Exercising had been on “my list” for...

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Healthy Employees = Increased Bottom Line & I Have The Who, What, Where On How To Achieve This

July 10, 2017

Written by:Melissa McAllister Ever feel grumpy and not productive at work?  2pm feels more like it should be nap time not deadline time?    Maybe you are the employer and notice this in your staff.   If only there was something you could do to motivate, refresh, energize and increase production……Oh wait, there is!! There is a direct correlation between employees having the ability to exercise and better themselves both physically and mentally and their performance in the workplace.  Think of increased production, decreased sick days and instances of other health issues which in turn means lower insurance rates, a more alert and focused performance, happy, a healthy and motivated staff!  It really is a win win for everybody.   This is a great article that I found that discusses many studies that have been done around the idea of how peoples lifestyle correlates to their work performance.  http://www.americanbusinessmag.com/2011/06/exercising-and-work-performance/ While some bigger companies offer health and wellness reimbursement, how can smaller companies bring this sort of affect to their staff?   Well, you come to Turning Point Cycle & Fitness Studio!!  This is where we come in with our expertise and motivating atmosphere.  We can work together to offer...

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HIIT Is Here To Stay

May 8, 2017

  written by: Melissa McAllister HIIT this, HIIT that,  what the heck does that mean, why is it such a great workout and how do I sign up?   I am here to take you through all your HIIT questions and concerns, I got you! HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training, which is a mouthful and why we love the acronym HIIT.   HIIT is the culmination of repeated  bursts of all out physical exertion followed by a shorter active recovery.  It can be applied to running(outside or on a treadmill), biking, swimming, cardio, anything really.  Here are a few examples to give you an idea….For 30 seconds you will do as many burpees as you can, followed by 10-15 seconds of jumping jacks(jacks are acting as the active recovery) and repeating this for 4 rounds.  Running at a jogging  pace with 20 second sprints every 2 minutes for 1 mile.  Get the idea?  The 11th annual report by the American College of Sports Medicine states that HIIT will continue to be a huge trend for 2017.    It is here to stay! Modifications can be made for any fitness level so it truly is a fantastic, efficient workout that...

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Tired Of Your Old Workout Routine??

March 20, 2017

One thing I know for sure is people have a hard time sticking to a fitness routine.  Becoming bored with what you are doing leads to people losing momentum and therefore their desire to continue working out regularly.  If you do the same workouts week after week, month after month….3 main things are happening. 1. Those muscles are not being challenged anymore.  They have reached a plateau if you will.  Without changing the load or the movement, the muscle is just doing what it always does and not reaping any more benefits like building more strength or burning the calories you desire.  We want to continue to build strength and stamina throughout our lives. 2. By doing the same workouts, you are missing an opportunity to work other major muscle groups that are  key to our functional fitness.  If all someone is consistently doing is running on a treadmill and some crunches in the corner of the gym they are missing out on soooo much that would not only help with burning more calories & getting this person stronger but would make their everyday activities a piece of cake. 3. You become so bored that you lose interest in...

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Trying To Lose Weight In A Specific Spot(Spot Reduction)?…..Nope, Not An Actual Thing

January 30, 2017

Written by: Melissa McAllister I chose this blog topic because I recently saw someone post something online about “targeting inner thigh fat”.  If only it was that easy, right?  If I do crunches everyday my belly fat will be gone….but sadly, it doesn’t work this way and here is why…. You can effectively tone areas of your body with strength training or those crunches I mentioned earlier, but fat loss is ultimately achieved by being conscious of the amount of calories going in vs. the amount of calories going out through exercise.  With dietary changes and exercises you will decrease body fat and increase lean muscle mass.   But here is the kicker…..when you decrease body fat, it is coming from all over your body not one specific spot(like inner thighs)  Our bodies are drawing from fat stores throughout our bodies to use for energy, not drawing from one specific spot. So, it is a myth that you can work out one area and lose weight there.  Like most good things in life, you have to work for it.   Work for it with mindful eating habits and dedicated workouts that have to become part of your routine.  I might...

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