Written by: Melissa Mantzoukas

I am a big fan of setting goals for myself and others.  It is a great way to work towards something, it keeps you motivated & focused.  I hear clients talking about all kinds of goals, including weight loss, performance, professional goals as well as family goals.  I think of these as “Ultimate Goals”. Think of a pyramid and the ultimate goal is at the top of the pyramid. One needs to go up the pyramid and put the work in to reach the top, right?  Well, all that work to get to the top represents the short term “Attainable Goals”

Here is an example of what I mean.

Say you are going to do a triathlon in June, that is your ultimate goal.    Now what?  You don’t just show up and do a triathlon. You need to put the time and effort in to reach that goal.  I think this is where people crumble in reaching their ultimate goals. They just focus on the “Ultimate Goal”, not preparing themselves to climb that pyramid to the top to reach that goal.  This leads to feelings of guilt, followed by feeling overwhelmed and discouraged. You ultimately lose interest and then, boom, the goal is forgotten and in come the feelings of failure & disappointment.

This is where “Attainable Goals” come into play.  These are short term goals that will eventually get us to our Ultimate Goal.  If your goal is to get that promotion at work or to finally lose that 20 pounds, you need to have a game plan.  You need smaller attainable goals to get to your ultimate goals. This will keep you focused and the small victories along the way will propel you forward.

Well great, now you know to have several Attainable Goals to reach the Ultimate Goal, but how do you set yourself up for success?  What should my Attainable Goals be Melissa, I am freaking out!?  Settle down, it’s not that scary!  Break things down. Say you want to run a 5k in the spring and haven’t run since being chased on the playground as a kid, 30 years ago.  Newsflash, you’re not going to just run the 5k on race day. Break out the calendar.  Month 1 might be creating a plan to enable you to walk 3 miles. Then month 2 might be building up to running the first mile and walking the next two.   This is obviously a simplified plan here, but you catch my drift. Create, work towards, and destroy those small attainable goals and before you know it your ultimate goal will be in front of you and you will be prepared!!  Now, go get you calendar and make some goals!  PSSSSSSSTTTT, we at Turning Point can help you achieve all your fitness goals. Give us a call!!