I have been training Alyson and Jen for about 6 months at this point and am so proud to feature them in this ongoing Client Profile series.  Though they mumble  their “love” for me under their breath, they crush it every single week, no excuses.  Read on for their story.

  • Tell us a bit about yourselves…  Alyson, ” I am a 45 year old reformed couch potato, who is a singe mom to my pup Marlo.  I love Bon Jovi, Disney World and half marathons.  Jen– describes herself as a working wife and mother who takes little time for herself.  She has been married to her supportive husband for 14 years  and together they have a 9 year old son and a “wild 3 year old daughter.”


  • What role has fitness played in your life thus far?    Alyson- states that fitness played no part in her life until about 4 years ago, when she attended her first 5k training class.  Becoming active changed her life.  “I no longer spend my weekends napping and avoiding life.  I now get out there with family and friends & have fun.  I don’t remember the last time I took a nap.”  Jen- “I have always been active, more active at some points than others.  I find that when I am following a regular fitness routine I am happier and able to more easily deal with everyday stressors.”


  • What brought you to Turning Point?    Alyson- “I am not quite comfortable in a class situation yet, so I turned to Turning Point for private training to strengthen my core & upper body.  I have 150 lbs. I am aiming to lose and while I am down 40, I still have 110lbs. to go.  Jen- “Alyson brought me!!”


  • What fitness goals do you have for yourself?    Alyson-  Alyson has 5 fitness goals: 1. Continue to lose weight to be the healthiest version of herself  2. Finish a 5k sub 40  3. Beat last years Beach to Beacon time  4. Get certified as a spin instructor   5. Finish the full Maine Marathon on 9-30-18.   Jen- Jen wants to continue to build on her strength and continue to push herself beyond her perceived limits.


  • How can/does Turning Point help you achieve those goals?   Alyson- “Turning Point supports me by understanding my goals & working with me to achieve them. I have been working with Melissa twice a week for the last 6 months and I already see an improvement in my running and arm tone.  Melissa understands that I am not a seasoned athlete, which is important.  I’m not able to do all exercises like a fit athlete and she is always willing to modify as needed.  Though she kicks my butt on a weekly basis, she’s able to do it in a way that has not scared me off.”  Jen- ” Melissa can see what we are capable of, even when we can’t and she pushes us to go beyond.  She is an amazing trainer and has been able to help me feel more confident in my abilities.  I look forward to the continued challenge.”