Client Profile: Meet Judy

December 29, 2017

Our next Client Profile Series is here!  This is where we will highlight different clients throughout the year and learn a bit about them and their fitness journey.    Judy meet everyone, everyone meet Judy! Judy tell us a bit about yourself and your life here in Maine. I moved to Maine from Massachusetts about 38 years ago when I got married.  I live in Scarborough with my husband, who is an orthopedic surgeon and we have 2 adult children.  I am a registered nurse and between occasionally working at my husbands office and being the President of The Friends of MMC auxiliary ,  I have a busy schedule. You are in phenomenal shape, what role does fitness play in your life & looking forward, what goals do you have for yourself? Fitness plays an important role in my life and has for the past 15 years or so.  It is important for me to maintain my well being as I “mature”.  It is beneficial for me both mentally and physically.  I want to continue my fitness regimen so I can stay strong and remain healthy.  I plan to participate in a bicycle trip through Italy next June, this...

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Boutique Fitness Studios VS. Traditional Gyms

December 4, 2017

written by: Melissa McAllister The popularity and concept of boutique  fitness studios is growing by leaps and bounds.  I think clients are looking for a more personalized experience.  One that will lead them towards reaching their fitness goals in a very safe and guided way instead of just swiping their membership card and being sent into the abyss of machines, foreign equipment and the occasional meathead or two. Here are the benefits of a boutique fitness studio that a big traditional gym just can’t provide. The boutique studio is more intimate.  Who wouldn’t want to be greeted by their first name and a smile?   I have been known to call clients if I haven’t seen them in awhile, just to make sure everything is OK.  The instructors care not only about your fitness progress but your kids wedding that is coming up or your aging parent. Individual attention is the name of the game .   You really get a sense of who your clients are and how to guide them each in the right fitness direction based on ability, injury etc.  Instructors can really drive home proper form and safety.  No one size fits all approach to...

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