Written by:Melissa McAllister

Ever feel grumpy and not productive at work?  2pm feels more like it should be nap time not deadline time?    Maybe you are the employer and notice this in your staff.   If only there was something you could do to motivate, refresh, energize and increase production……Oh wait, there is!!

There is a direct correlation between employees having the ability to exercise and better themselves both physically and mentally and their performance in the workplace.  Think of increased production, decreased sick days and instances of other health issues which in turn means lower insurance rates, a more alert and focused performance, happy, a healthy and motivated staff!  It really is a win win for everybody.   This is a great article that I found that discusses many studies that have been done around the idea of how peoples lifestyle correlates to their work performance.  http://www.americanbusinessmag.com/2011/06/exercising-and-work-performance/

While some bigger companies offer health and wellness reimbursement, how can smaller companies bring this sort of affect to their staff?   Well, you come to Turning Point Cycle & Fitness Studio!!  This is where we come in with our expertise and motivating atmosphere.  We can work together to offer your employees a class dedicated just to your company, maybe on their lunch hour.  Or maybe we start a friendly competition as another way to involve everyone in staying fit.  A 6 month challenge that involves classes here at Turning Point Cycle & Fitness Studio, accountability and of course a prize for the winner!  The options are endless for getting you and your staff both physically and mentally fit.  This will naturally affect each and every work week in a positive way, therefore increasing your businesses bottom line.

So, click below to contact me and let’s get going on healthy employees increasing your bottom line!!