written by: Melissa McAllister

HIIT this, HIIT that,  what the heck does that mean, why is it such a great workout and how do I sign up?   I am here to take you through all your HIIT questions and concerns, I got you!

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training, which is a mouthful and why we love the acronym HIIT.   HIIT is the culmination of repeated  bursts of all out physical exertion followed by a shorter active recovery.  It can be applied to running(outside or on a treadmill), biking, swimming, cardio, anything really.  Here are a few examples to give you an idea….For 30 seconds you will do as many burpees as you can, followed by 10-15 seconds of jumping jacks(jacks are acting as the active recovery) and repeating this for 4 rounds.  Running at a jogging  pace with 20 second sprints every 2 minutes for 1 mile.  Get the idea?  The 11th annual report by the American College of Sports Medicine states that HIIT will continue to be a huge trend for 2017.    It is here to stay!

Modifications can be made for any fitness level so it truly is a fantastic, efficient workout that will leave you blasting through calories during the workout as well as long after.  This post calorie burning is thanks to something called EPOC, excess post exercise oxygen consumption.  As your body is getting back to a pre exercise state well after your HIIT workout, it uses energy and that energy burns calories.  This is a horribly simplified version of the process that is happening within you.  Here is a link that describes the process of EPOC effect.  Psst…check out #4.


So, I have covered the what and the why, now for the how.  Check out the link below to see our schedule for HIIT classes and other Small Group Fitness classes.  All levels are welcome to these encouraging, motivating classes.  Together we can reach your fitness goals.