Is Spinning For Men, Too?

October 19, 2016

Written by, Melissa McAllister The short answer is, HELLZ yeah it is!! Granted, a majority of group fitness classes have more female participants.  I am not sure where, along the way, spinning became a female endeavor and I have thoughts and reasons why that may be but that is a different blog post for another time! The low impact, muscle building aerobic workout that spinning provides, along with the calories you will destroy,(450 in 45 minutes according to Amercian Council on Exercise) spinning is an incredibly efficient workout. If you ride outside, spinning is an AMAZING way to build on your strength, endurance and cadence for the upcoming season.  If you ski, what better way to get those legs prepped for the mountain??  You see where I am going with this….. You don’t have to wear the tight bike shorts if you don’t want to, it is dark, not much chit chat is happening as people are in their own torture, err I mean zone, you will see gains quickly, leave a sweaty mess and with your ass being perfectly kicked. Come see for yourself, it is for everyone!...

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Is It True ALL Trainers Yell At Their Clients?? -Spotting a Not So Great Personal Trainer

October 5, 2016

Written by, Melissa McAllister This is a question I have been asked, shockingly, more than once.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, if you want me to yell at you I will, but that is sooo not my approach.  Being a Personal Trainer and on a clients fitness journey with them is a learned craft.  One that should be encouraging, motivating, challenging and fun(the definition of fun varies for some!)  I am proud to say, here at Turning Point, we have some of the best! Here are some things to look out for to spot a Not So Great Personal Trainer: -If your Personal Trainer is on their phone and snapping their chewing gum while training you, or obsessively talking about themselves, or preoccupied with everything but you, they are not a great personal trainer -If he/she is doing the workout with you during your scheduled time together, they are not a great personal trainer.  This is your paid time and they should be watching your form at every step. -Workouts should be tailored to each individuals wants and needs. If you and every other client gets the same workout, they are not a great personal trainer.  Every client...

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