How To Get Out Of An Exercise Rut: 3 Steps for Success

August 17, 2016

We have all been there, where the thought of walking around the neighborhood one more time or running to nowhere at the gym on a treadmill is enough to send you into a downward spiral of gloom, doom and hatred towards the seemingly happy yogis doing poses on the beach. Follow these 3 simple steps below to keep your workouts fresh, challenging and engaging. But most importantly to save you from screaming “I hate my workouts” at the yogis trying to find their 3rd eye chakra. Find a partner to be accountable to and push each other to try new things or push a bit harder. Try something new. Our bodies become accustomed to the same movements, it is called muscle memory. Cross training is a fantastic way to work all the major muscle groups and it forces you to break out of your routine a bit to achieve this. Set a goal. It could be as simple as walking around the neighborhood twice this week, or sign up for your first 5K, maybe you’ve always wanted to hike Mount Katahdin. Whatever it is, a goal keeps you focused and gives you something to works towards. Find out more...

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A Beginners Guide To Indoor Cycling

What If I Haven’t Been On A Bike Since I Was A Kid? Can I Do It? Ever heard the saying “It’s Like Riding A Bike?” Obviously in a class setting you are on a stationary bike so that is a major difference from when we were kiddos. But once in a class, you go at your own pace and at the resistance that feels comfortable to you. Instructors will prompt the whole class as to what is happening, what hand position to use and what your exertion should be. Even though you are in a class setting, it really is YOUR ride. Make it your own. Some helpful hints: come to class about 10 minutes early bring water and a towel(you will sweat) have the instructor help you with bike set up if you are unsure. This ensures safety and proper muscles activation during your ride. enjoy the music and go at your own pace leave with a real sense of accomplishment Soon enough you will notice that, “hey, I am riding faster and at a higher resistance then when I first started.” That folks, is efficient progress! Learn more about our Indoor Cycling...

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